Durup dururken bir şarkıda, hatırlarım yine

image Jay-jay johanson - belive in us



you believe in me
i believe in you
how come that you don't
believe in us
it started out quiet badly
it only got worse
she said that it depended on
what's mine but i know
it depended on what's hers
it could have been perfect
i guess you thought it was
you didn't understand what
was wrong 'til i told you
it wasn't worth the cost
oh darling please
i thought it would be easy
to break up with you
but now when we've reached
this certain point i'm no
longer sure how to do
of course you won't be sorry
you've always said you're bored
it's better if it ends right
here and now or maybe it'll
end up in the morgue
oh darling please


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