Franz Ferdinand - Outsiders

l_2602150706b74506a169b8f00b44c907franz ferdinandın melodisi yeşil çam filmlerindekilere benzeyen efektlerinin olduğu bir şarkısı outsiders ayrıca neşeli hareketli olmasıda dinlemek için bir başka sebep. dinlemek isterseniz aşağıdaki play e basın.



we've seen some change
but we're still outsiders
if everybody's here
then hell knows
we ride alone
i've seen some years
but you're still my caesar
with everything i feel
i feel you've already been here
the only difference is all i see is now all that i've seen
it's bright on the outside
the bright love the dark side
i know it's obvious
but sometimes
you just have to say it
so you don't feel so weak
about being such a freak
or alone
in seventeen years
will you still be camille
lee miller, gala or whatever
you know what i mean, yeah
love'll die
lovers fade
but you still remain there
squeezing in your fingers
what it means for me to be
the only difference is what might be is now what might have been
when you saw me sleeping
you thought i was dreaming of you
i didn't tell you
that the only dream
is valium for me
the only difference is that
what might be is now


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